Lighting Options & Upgrades

Live Singer during Cocktail/Dinner

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Basic Lighting Package
Included with most quotes to our referred clients. This includes 2 LED par cans along with a moonflower-type light (that basically mimics a mirror-ball effect) on a light tree to illuminate the dance floor or on the DJ’s speakers stands or table to flood the ceiling with the light.

Upgraded Lighting Package
This package is designed for a medium to large size room and includes 2-4 intelligent rotating lights on an adjustable light tree combined with the basic lighting of 2 LED par can lights to spotlight the dance floor or flood the ceiling. Prices do vary so please contact your DJ for a custom-quote.

Customized Monogram
We display your initials, name, wedding date or even a company logo with light. We can design just about anything you can imagine including the monogram on your invitations. Gobos add a highlight to any room on a wall, dance floor or ceiling. Prices start at $250.00.

Projector and Video Screens
If you’re planning to show a Video Montage during your Reception, we offer you the projector and screen starting at $300.00.

Interactive Entertainment
Hire any number of our professional dancers to come out and add energy and participation to your event! They will mingle with the crowd and teach them how to do a number of dances such as the Cha Cha Slide, the Electric Slide, the Macarena and even newer dance moves such as Hip Hop, Group Participation dances, etc. Prices will vary based on the number of dancers hired.

What is Uplighting?
Quite simply, it’s a series of lights, set up around a room (or outside a building), placed on or near the floor, shining up toward the walls. The lights could be any color, from a white to a red to green (or nearly any color or color combination you desire). When they’re implemented, the house lights at the venue can be dimmed to increase the uplighting effect and when used properly, uplighting can greatly enhance the ambiance of the room in a very elegant way.

There are two different ways you can approach uplighting at your event. The first is a more subtle one where you’ll have the lighting complement the venue/event, but not allow it to distract from anything in the room. One of the characteristics of this is that there will just be one color shining at a time. Although, potentially you may decide that you periodically want the color of the uplighting changed (for example, red uplights during dinner, and blue uplights during dancing).

The other school of thought is a much more flamboyant one where we can program the uplights to constantly change colors. We can do this to the beat of the music during dancing or at a set speed (slower, smooth changes of color during cocktails/dinner and faster, sharper changes during dancing, or any combination that you may desire).

The cost of uplighting varies based on the size of your room and the effect you’re looking for. We typically need to know the square footage of the room as well as what effect you’re looking to produce and we can send you a customized price quote.