We will take the time to go over all of your concerns so the show is customized to suit your exact needs.

Of course! Our DJs call/email numerous times prior to your event as well as the week of the event to go over the final details.

We have replacement personnel on staff in case of emergencies.

We service all of Illinois and all the surrounding states! We’re based in Woodstock, IL, but are available to travel throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, etc. If there will be a travel fee involved, due to the distance, we’ll discuss that with you prior to sending the contract.

Our DJs arrive up to an hour prior to contract start time, unless otherwise specified. If MIM is providing your Ceremony Music please be sure to have the DJ’s official contract start time be approximately 30 minutes prior to your actual Ceremony Start Time. This will allow the DJ to be se up, dressed and playing music while your guests are being seated. We can then transition immediately into the Ceremony Music when appropriate.

We can play any music you like; Classical, Disco, Big Band, Rock n Roll, Latin, Old School, Retro 80’s, and of course, the most current.

Depending on the type of event, you can safely guess that about 15 songs per hour of open dancing can be played.

Yes!! We actually encourage you to select music you would like to hear. CLICK HERE to go to the Song Request List, We also take requests from your guests at all times but don’t guarantee we’ll have all requests and be able to play them.

Yes, the show is tailored to fit each and every need even on the day of the event.

You can create a “DO NOT PLAY” list on your Song Request List if you like or let us know before the event and we’ll note it on the specifications.

You can create a “Your deposit and signed contract are due two weeks from the date it was sent to you via email. We require one-half the agreed upon contracted amount as your deposit and this initial payment will officially lock in your date with Music In Motion.

Of course. You can bring the CD’s the day of the event, or give them to the DJ prior. They will be kept safe and returned immediately following the end of the show. If you choose to burn a CD (via iTunes, etc.) please be sure the CD is burned in .wav format. Most mp3 CD’s can be played but we don’t guarantee that format will always work. The safest method is to send us your burned CD’s two weeks ahead of time or email us the MP3’s you’d like added to your playlist.

We will be happy to try to download (via iTunes) any songs you request that we don’t have. A fee of $5.00 per song will be charged to the client. If you do choose to download music and burn it to a CD, as stated previously, please be sure it’s in .wav format.

No, we play continuous music throughout your event.

The balance is officially due one week prior to the event if you’re paying by personal check. The day of the event is fine, as long as it’s CASH and prior to equipment setup.

Not a problem. There will be an extra charge on a per half-hour basis, as listed in your contract. Overtime is cash only. Please discuss overtime requests with your DJ at least 15 minutes prior to Contract End Time.

This is never required and is up to your discretion but is always appreciated.

Tipping a DJ for outstanding performance is very much appreciated but 100% optional.